Book Review By Emilio F. García

 Marine Shells of Northeast Florida by Harry G. Lee, 2009

Book Review By Tom Eichhorst

  Marine Shells of Northeast Florida by Harry G. Lee, 2009

Book Reviews By Harry G. Lee

   A conchological iconography [volume(?} 2] The family Strombidae by Kurt Kreipl and Guido T. Poppe, 1999
  A conchological iconography [delivery 3] The family Ficidae by Marcel Verhaeghe and Guido T. Poppe, 2000
 Bahamian seashells a thousand species from Abaco, Bahamas Redfern, 2001
 Olive shells The genus Oliva and the species problem, Bernard Tursch and Dietmar Greifeneder, 2001
 Land and Freshwater Molluscs of Brazil Simone, 2006
 Shells by Philippe Bouchet and Gilles Mermet, 2008
 Freshwater Mussels of Alabama & the Mobile Basin in Georgia, Mississippi & Tennessee Williams, James D. Arthur E. Bogan, and Jeffrey T. Garner, 2008

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Club Field Trip To Daytona (May-June, 1998)
The Tampa Drill Eupleura tampaensis (Conrad, 1846) (July-August, 1998)
Beach Renourishment - Killer Of Shells? (July-August, 1998)
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Lobatus costatus - An Elusive Common Species (September-October, 1998)
A Visit To The Fossil Pit (January-February, 1999)
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Southern Hemisphere Sinistrals (May-June, 2000)
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Reef Encounters Of The First Kind (May-June, 2001)
Now There Are Two (July-August, 2001)
Second Bananas (July-August, 2001)
Hammock Hopping And The Reward Of The Day (September-October, 2001)
From The Lamanai Ruins To The San Pedro Lagoon - Ooh, La, La! Shelling In The Belize Experience (September-October, 2001)
Backyard Snailing Revisited (January-February, 2002)
Field Trip To Sanibel Shell Fair And Show (March-April, 2002)
Remembrances Of Eleuthera (May-June, 2002)
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Russell H. Jensen (1918-2001) (January-February, 2003)
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Freshwater Mussels In Illinois (March-April, 2003)
Another Faux Sinistral Gastropod From The Philippines (September-October, 2003)
Diving For Shark Teeth Offshore Of South Carolina (September-October, 2003)
Stosicia (Gastropoda: Rissoidae) In The Western Atlantic (September-October, 2003)
U. S. Naval Station Invaded (September-October, 2003)
Mountain People Continue In The Pursuit Of Haywood Co. Terrestrials (November-December, 2003)
Advancing Vermont Malacology -Or- Finding Lime Recycled After Half A Billion Years Of Mineral Inertia (January-February, 2004)
Danger! Snail On The Prowl (May-June, 2004)
Marble Quarry/Natatorium Also Produces Conchological Gold (September-December, 2004)
What's A Rice Olive, Anyway? (September-December, 2004)
Hirsute Hermaphrodite Hobo From Eurasia Working His/Her Way Through Cornell (January-February, 2005)
The Reluctant Explorer (January-February, 2005)
Stuff Happens (May-June, 2005)
A Jax Double-double (May-June, 2005)
Good Work Ultimately Reaps Its (His) Reward (September-October, 2005)
The Urban Shelling Experience: Wrack Up A new Method – If You Get My Drift (January-February, 2006)
North Carolina Collecting (May-June, 2006 - PDF File 1.62 mbs.)
Musings On A Local Specimen Of Toxolasma paulum (I. Lea, 1840), The Iridescent Lilliput (September-October, 2006)
Archaeology Team Really Digs Shells (November-December, 2006)
What’s In A Name Or Two? (January-February, 2007)
Snail Survey In Vermont Becomes An Annual Event
A New Species For The Northeast Florida Aquatic Checklist And Another Musing
Linnaeus On Mollusks (July-August, 2007)
Shelling Sequel: Snailer Schroeder's Shelled Species Survey Soars Significantly Since Second Stage Started (soil samples sorted) (January-February, 2008)
Five Years Later New Discoveries Continue In The Vermont "Reunion Roundup" (March-April, 2008)
A Dirty Job, But One Worth Doing - Florida Caverns Redux (July-August, 2008)
Bardstown Blitzkrieg - The Tertiary Phase, Saturation Snailing (September-October, 2008)
Growing The Bennington Co., Vermont Landsnail Inventory. A Testimonial To Armchair Collecting (November-December, 2008)
Déjŕ-vu All Over Again; Tell-tale Tangles (January-February, 2009)
Is It Luck Or Good Planning; Vermont Campaign Continues To Thrive (March-April, 2010) (PDF File)
The Mollusca Of The Crosby Sanctuary, Clay Co., Florida (November-December, 2010)
RTA, Riding To The Rescue, Rights A wrong; Röding Redivivus (PDF File)
An Ersatz Valvata From Bernheim Forest Kentucky (January-February, 2015)
Rare American Malacological Classic Now Available