The Channeled Applesnail In Northeast Florida

Apple Snail and Apple

Above IPhone 4S digital image courtesy of Bridgett Boyarovsky of Jacksonville, Florida

Duval County

Arlington Park Cemetery Lake - Pomacea cf. maculata Perry, 1810

Baldwin In Far Western Duval County - Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, 1822)

Baker Skinner Park | Praver Drive - Pomacea canaliculata

Near Blanding Boulevard, Southwestern Duval County - Pomacea canaliculata

Hatton Chase Subdivision - Pomacea canaliculata

Johns Creek Community Lake / Country Club Lakes Apartments Lakes - Pomacea maculata

Julington Creek At Philips Highway - Pomacea canaliculata

Old St. Augustine Road -  Pomacea maculata

Pope Duval Park - Pomacea maculata

St. Augustine Rd. Fish Management Area - Pomacea canaliculata

Windsor Parke Golf Club Water Hazard - Pomacea maculata

St. Johns County

Treaty Park - Pomacea maculata

Cunningham Creek - Pomacea maculata

Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, 1822)

Pomacea maculata Perry, 1810)

Camden County, Southeast Georgia

Pomacea maculata At St. Marys

Glynn County, Southeast Georgia

Pomacea maculata At St. Simons Island

Volusia County, Florida

Pomacea maculata In Far West Volusia County

Alachua County, Florida

A Backyard Surprise In An Alachua County Neighborhood

Seminole County, Florida

Pomacea maculata At Lake Brantley

Pasco County, Florida

Pomacea maculata In Withlacoochee River

Palm Beach County, Florida

Pomacea maculata

Pomacea haustrum (Reeve, 1856)      Second Specimen      Egg Clutch

Franklin County, Florida

Pomacea maculata (Aquarium Trade)

Pomacea maculata Videos

Pomacea canaliculata Videos

Pomacea maculata Perry, 1810

Pomacea maculata Perry, 1810

  Other Pomacea Species/Images

Asolene megastoma (G. B. Sowerby I, 1825)