Daedalochila auriculata On CR-13 - Bass Haven Lane Station Two (12/24/2009)

    This site, on the south side of the road 0.2 miles north northeast of Bass Haven Lane (GPS: 29.55378N 081.34464W - WGS-84 Datum), encompasses the roadside swale adjacent to a permanent source of water (cypress swamp). Subsequent surveys of this site during September, 2010 revealed that empty Daedalochila auriculata shells are also present on the north side of the road and adjacent to the St. Johns River but no live specimens could be located. The view below is looking west southwest in the direction of Bass Haven Lane.

Daedalochila auriculata On CR-13 Near Bass Haven Lane Site #2 (12/24/2009)

Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) At Bass Haven #2 In Situ    Some Of The Specimens Found At Bass Haven Station Two On 12/24/2009


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