Daedalochila auriculata (Say, 1818) Ocala Liptooth On CR-13 Near Bass Haven Lane

St. Johns County, Florida

    On December 23, 2009, land snail enthusiast Brian Marshall, accompanied by his son Anthony, conducted a survey of far western St. Johns County in an attempt to locate additional sites housing a population of the somewhat elusive Daedalochila auriculata. During the trip they perused the roadside swale on County Road 13 northeast of Picolata. At their first station, on the north side of the road 0.1 miles west of Bass Haven Lane, they found eight D. auriculata shells (including two living specimens) as well as 19 empty Daedalochila avara (Say, 1818) Florida Liptooth shells. The six adult D. auriculata found at this station were unusually large and ranged up to 16.9 mm. in size. At a second station 0.2 miles east northeast of Bass Haven Lane, two additional D. auriculata were found (one alive) as well as 16 additional D. avara of which seven were alive.

    On December 24th, this reporter visited the area and did a more in depth survey. The results of this survey can be viewed by clicking on one of the three site numbers on the map below.

Map of area northeast of Picolata where the Daedalochila were found