Chione mazyckii Dall, 1902 Maz˙ck’s Venus

Chione mazyckii Dall, 1902 Maz˙ck’s Venus

Caesar's Creek, Lower Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida (26 and 22 mm.)

Dall's Original Description And Type Figure

CHIONE MAZYCKII, new species.
Plate XIII, fig. 2.

Chione mazyckii type figure        Shell small, subrostrate, with low distant concentric lamellate crossing flat radial ribs, those radials in front of the middle later becoming double, while the ribs behind the middle remain single; all the ribs are separated by subequal smooth interspaces except near the anterior margin, where interstitial threads appear; the concentric lamellae become laminate, especially on the right valve, near the posterior end; lunule distinct, lanceolate, striated; escutcheon defined by a keel, striated, the right half somewhat overlapping the other, painted with brown streaks or entirely brown; disk. white with pale-brown or rose-colored radial bands and occasional darker-brown flecks; interior rose color with white near the end and basal margins; hinge normal, with a rose-colored ray below a very short ligament; pallial sinus very small and blunt, inner margins crenulated. Length, 14.2; height, 11.2; diameter, 8 mm.
Type locality  - United States Fish Commission station 2616, off Cape Fear, North Carolina, in 17 fathoms, sand. Cat. No.92022, U. S. N. M.
        This pretty little species is easily discriminated by its form and color from C. cancellata at any stage of growth. It is named in honor of Mr. W. G. Mazyck, of Charleston, South Carolina.
Dall, W.H., 1902. A synopsis of the family Veneridae and description of the North American Recent species. Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum 26:335–412.