Pomacea diffusa Mating Pair

Pomacea diffusa mating pair (male on the left)

    These two Pomacea diffusa (pictured above mating) were collected from separate areas of the drainage ditch near the SAM's club on 5/27/2007 and placed together in a bucket. That evening the two engaged in a long period of mating. Over the next two days during the hours of darkness, the female thoroughly explored all aspects of the bucket in an apparent attempt to find a suitable location to deposit her egg clutches but none were forthcoming. On 5/31/2007 the two mated for a second time (shown above) and during the morning of 6/1/2007 a limited number of non-viable eggs were found floating in the water at the bottom of the bucket (see image below). The male is pictured above on the left and measures 55 mm.

 Non-viable Pomacea diffusai eggs


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