Euglandina rosea (Férussac, 1821) Rosy Wolfsnail In Situ

    This 30 mm. specimen was discovered rapidly descending a tree, some six feet above the ground, along Nine Mile Road in Twelve Mile Swamp, St. Johns County, Florida on 9/13/2009. This is the fourth Euglandina specimen found at this locality that was a considerable distance above the ground with the other specimens present on the underside of palmetto fronds. This climbing behavior may indicate that the Euglandina feed primarily on other climbing snails present in the habitat to include the very common Helicina (Olygyra) orbiculata (Say, 1818) [Globular Drop] and Drymaeus dormani (W. G. Binney, 1857) [Manatee Treesnail].

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