The Genus Stenotrema Rafinesque, 1815

A taxonomically-challenging group of pulmonate landsnails limited to the eastern US and Canada

S. angellum Hubricht, 1958 S. barbatum (G. Clapp, 1904) S. calvescens Hubricht 1961 S. hirsutum (Say, 1817) S. stenotrema (L. Pfeiffer, 1842) S. macgregori Dourson, 2011
Kentucky Slitmouth Bristled Slitmouth Chattanooga Slitmouth  Hairy Slitmouth Inland Slitmouth Fraudulent Slitmouth
Ed Cavin! Edmondston Co., KY Paint Rock River, AL  Paint Rock River, AL  Lebanon Co., PA B2 BARFLI 2 Nelson Co., KY Kochi Hill, Bullitt Co., KY




UF (FLMNH) #484924

Discussion and Description




S. barbigerum (Redfield, 1856) S. cohuttense (G. H. Clapp, 1914) S. edgarianum (I. Lea, 1841)
Fringed Slitmouth Cohutta Slitmouth Sequatchie Slitmouth
Polk Co., TN Polk Co., TN Bledsoe Co., TN
8.4 mm. 6.6 mm. 9.2 mm.
Stenotrema barbigerum (Redfield, 1856) Fringed Slitmouth Stenotrema cohuttense (G. H. Clapp, 1914)  Stenotrema edgarianum (I. Lea, 1841) Sequatchie Slitmouth
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