Amphidromus atricallosus Gould, 1843

Amphidromus atricallosus Gould, 1843

Above are the three major color patterns seen in this species. It ranges from southern Burma (Myanmar), into eastern and southern Thailand and  Malaya all the way to Singapore. There are 5 named subspecies:

  • A. atricallosus atricallosus Gould, 1843

  • A. a. leucoxanthus (von Martens, 1864)

  • A. a. perakensis Fulton, 1901

  • A. a. laidlawi Solem, 1965

  • A. a. classarius Sutcharit and Panha, 2006 (not shown herein)

    Amphidromus articallosus classarius is an island form characterized by smaller size, all sinistral specimens, all yellow colored and known only  from Koh Tachai, Pangnga, southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea.