Parvanachis ornata (Ravenel, 1859)
Parvanachis ornata (Ravenel, 1859) Parvanachis ornata (Ravenel, 1859)
Drift, Shackleford Island, North Carolina (5 mm.). Digital images by David Kirsh.
Compare with Parvanachis obesa (C. B. Adams, 1845) Fat Dovesnail
Pictured below with Kurtziella limonitella (Dall, 1883) (lower right)
Parvanachis ornata (Ravenel, 1859)
Big Talbot Island State Park, Duval Co., Florida, June, 2002 (about 4 mm.)
Original Description
Columbella ornata original description

Ravenel, E. 1859. Description of three new species of univalves, recent and fossil. Proceedings of the Elliott Society of Natural History 1: 280-282. <>