Bella Moth And Caterpillar [Utetheisa bella]

    This colorful 20 mm. specimen was photographed by Joel Wooster while feeding on wild flowers [Bidens pilosa - Hairy Beggarticks] at Little Talbot Island State Park on 10/27/2004. Fortunately for the moth, as well as a bevy of butterflies and bees, the fresh water spray from the public bath shower had nourished healthy plant growth in an otherwise barren area.

Bella Moth [Utetheisa bella]

Bella Moth Caterpillar [Utetheisa bella]

    This Bella Moth caterpillar was photographed in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida by Anne DuPont on 11/15/2013. Digital image copyright 2013 by Anne DuPont.