Lake/Borrow Pit At Gerdau Steel Mill At Baldwin, Far Western Duval Co., Florida

    While performing a field survey on 7/19/2015, a population of Pomacea paludosa (Say, 1829) [Florida Applesnail] was discovered in a large lake/borrow pit at the Gerdau steel mill facility on Rebar Road in Baldwin, far western Duval County, Florida. A modest number of freshly deposited eggs clutches and empty shells were present. During a follow-up visit to Baldwin on 7/23/2015, an additional small Pomacea paludosa population was found in an east-west oriented roadside ditch on the west side of US-301 about half a mile west of the Gerdau steel mill population. The Baldwin area finds are the farthest west in Duval County that the species has thus far been found. However, Pomacea paludosa egg clutches were also recently (7/9/2015) discovered in Deep Creek in Nassau County about three miles west of the steel mill.

View of the lake/borrow pit looking south

View of the lake/borrow pit looking south

Fresh Pomacea paludosa Egg Clutches

Fresh Pomacea paludosa Egg Clutches At The Gerdau Steel Mill In Baldwin, Florida