Helminthoglypta tudiculata (A. Binney, 1843) Southern Shoulderband

Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California, March, 2010 (28 mm.)

    The above illustration began as plate 20 in Binney, A., 1843. Article XXIX. Descriptions of two undescribed species of North American Helices. Boston Journal of Natural History 4 (3): 360-361. April. That plate was apparently untinted when issued. Binney (1851: 117-119) later gave a slightly expanded description, and a colorized version of the engraving appeared a little later in Binney (1857: plate 16). The plate has been slightly edited to conserve space. Note the misspelling "tudicolata" in the caption. For a discussion of the artwork and craftsmanship, see Euglandina rosea hand colored plate. See also: Helix tudiculata Original Description By Binney

Binney, A. [ed. A. A. Gould], 1857. The terrestrial air-breathing mollusks of the United States and the adjacent territories of North America. vol. 3. Little Brown, Boston. pp. 6-40 + 84 pls. [1-74 +10 bis; recto: majority hand-colored; verso: uncolored duplicates of recto, except pl. 71 verso only; total 167; several artists and engravers].