Belocaulus angustipes (Heynemann, 1885) Black-velvet Leatherleaf Page Two

   In the March, 2009 issue of "American Conchologist" information was published concerning the synonymy of Belocaulus angustipes (Walls, 2009) so Dr. Harry G. Lee investigated the nomenclatorial and taxonomic history of the Black-velvet Leatherleaf.

    In virtually all the U.S. literature, this slug has been identified as Veronicella ameghini Gambetta, 1923 and placed in the genus Angustipes Colosi, 1922, thus being cited as Angustipes ameghini (Gambetta, 1923). This identification is correct, but recent work (Thomé, 1989, Thomé et al., 1997) has determined that this taxon is a junior synonym of Vaginula angustipes Heynemann, 1885 (p. 276). Further, these workers have revised the generic placement of this Leatherleaf slug.

    Understanding the definitions of candidate genera requires close attention to the literature. The genus Angustipes Colosi (1922: 486) would seem to be the appropriate placement for a Leatherleaf slug with the species-level epithet "angustipes." This is because of Article 68.4 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN, 1999), which reads: " If a valid species-group name, or its cited synonym, originally included in a nominal genus-group taxon is identical with the name of that taxon, the nominal species denoted by that specific name (if available) is the type species (type species by absolute tautonymy)."  However, Colosi did not mention Vaginula angustipes Heynemann, 1885, 276) in his description of the new genus Angustipes! Seeing this oversight, Baker (1925: 15) designated Vaginula difficilis Colosi (1921: 158) from Tucuman, Argentina as the type of that genus. He went on (Baker, 1925: 16) and designated Vaginula angustipes Heynemann, 1885 from Taguara, Brazil as the type of Belocaulus Hoffmann (1925: 198).

    Thus, to the extent that Angustipes Colosi and Belocaulus Hoffmann are distinct at the full generic level, the species Vaginula angustipes Heynemann, 1885 belongs in the latter taxon. These two genera are now treated as distinct by Thomé and his colleagues. Thus, there is a somewhat anomalous situation in which our Black-velvet Leatherleaf is now known as Belocaulus angustipes (Heynemann, 1885), but it is not in the genus Angustipes Colosi, that author's probable intention for its inclusion notwithstanding!

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