Selected Western Atlantic Caecum

Page One Caecum antillarum Carpenter, 1857
Caecum bipartitum de Folin, 1870 Bipartite Caecum
Caecum brasilicum de Folin, 1874
Page One A

Caecum breve de Folin, 1867

Caecum cinctum Olsson and Harbison

Page Two Caecum cooperi S. Smith, 1860 Cooper's Caecum
Caecum cycloferum de Folin, 1867 Fat Lip Caecum
Caecum debile A. E. Verrill and Bush, 1900
Caecum donmoorei  Mitchell-Tapping, 1979 Don Moore's Caecum

Page Three Caecum floridanum Stimpson, 1851 Florida Caecum
Caecum gurgulio Carpenter, 1858 Windpipe Caecum
Caecum heladum Olsson and Harbison, 1953 Fine-line Caecum
Caecum imbricatum Carpenter, 1858 Imbricate Caecum
Caecum infimum de Folin, 1867
Caecum multicostatum de Folin, 1867 Fine-line Caecum
Caecum plicatum Carpenter, 1858 Plicate Caecum
Caecum pulchellum Stimpson, 1851 Beautiful Caecum
Caecum regulare Carpenter, 1858 Regular Caecum
Caecum striatum de Folin, 1868 Striate Caecum

Page Four

Caecum textile de Folin, 1867 Textile Caecum

Caecum tortile Dall, 1892 Twisted Caecum

Caecum zaagmani de Jong and Coomans, 1988

Page Five Meioceras cornucopiae Carpenter, 1858
Meioceras cubitatum de Folin, 1868
Meioceras nitidum (Stimpson, 1851) Little Horn Caecum

Scanning Electron Micrographs (SEM) of fossil Meioceras from the Lower Pinecrest Beds

    Scanning Electron Micrographs (SEM) of fossil Meioceras from the Lower Pinecrest Beds, Upper Tamiami Formation, Sarasota County, Florida (1.47 mm.). SEMs produced in collaboration with Dr. Ann Heatherington, Dept. of Geology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.