Pomacea diffusa Blume, 1957 [Spiketop Applesnail] In Duval County, Florida

Pomacea diffusa Blume, 1957 Spiketop Applesnail

    Pictured above is an aquarium trade Pomacea diffusa (23 mm.) purchased from a Pet's Mart store about two miles from the ditch. Pomacea diffusa has been a popular aquarium species in Florida for over half a century and has been found in the wild here since at least 1965 (see:  Clench, W. J., 1965 Pomacea bridgesii (Reeve) in Florida. The Nautilus 79(3): 105. Jan.).

High Spired Freak

    This Pomacea diffusa high spired freak, pictured on the right and measuring 64 mm., was found in the drainage ditch near the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on 6/27/2009. The specimen pictured on the left (46 mm.), although faded, is more typical of the specimens found in the drainage system.

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