Some Of The Terrestrial Species Collected Near Bardstown, Kentucky

    The image below shows some of the terrestrial species collected near Bardstown, Kentucky as they pass the time in a makeshift terrarium awaiting their moment of fame during a photo shoot. Six species are shown:
Haplotrema concavum (Say, 1821) Gray Lancetooth Anguispira alternata (Say, 1817) Flamed Tigersnail
Mesomphix vulgatus H. B. Baker, 1933 Common Button Ventridens collisella (Pilsbry, 1896) Sculptured Dome
Mesodon zaletus (A. Binney, 1837) Toothed Globe Triodopsis vulgata Pilsbry, 1940 Dished Threetooth

    Nelson Co., Kentucky ~ 8 mi. S. Bardstown, Stauble Property, "Anguispira Rock," leaf litter at bases of three limestone escarpments running NW to SE.  37.44.478N - 37.44486N X 085.3124W - 085.3136W. H. Lee, L. Schroeder, R. Smotherman, and E. Cavin! 17 May, 2008 (7.5 mm.)