Northeast Florida Slug Page

    There are only three species of slugs native to northeast Florida.  Of the three, Philomyus carolinianus (Bosc, 1802), is by far the rarest - usually restricted to wooded areas, where it associates with rotting logs. The other two species are relatively common and survive quite nicely in the lawns and gardens of  urban populated areas.

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Native Species Native Species

Deroceras laeve (Müller, 1774) Meadow Slug

Leidyula floridana (Leidy, 1851)

Deroceras laeve (Müller, 1774) Leidyula floridana (Leidy, 1851)
Meadow Slug  Florida Leatherleaf
Native Species Invasive Species
Philomycus carolinianus (Bosc, 1802) Carolina Mantleslug Belocaulus angustipes (Heynemann, 1885) Black-velvet Leatherleaf
Philomycus carolinianus (Bosc, 1802) Belocaulus angustipes (Heynemann, 1885)
Carolina Mantleslug Black-velvet Leatherleaf

Invasive Species

Lehmannia valentiana (Férussac, 1822) Threeband Garden Slug

Lehmannia valentiana (Férussac, 1822)

Threeband Garden Slug

Exotic Slug Species From South Florida

Miscellaneous Slug Species Found In North America