Busycotypus plagosus (Conrad, 1862) Shouldered Pear Whelk

Busycotypus plagosus (Conrad, 1862) Busycotypus plagosus (Conrad, 1862)

    Exposed on sand bar, minus tide, Galveston Bay at San Luis Pass, Galveston, Texas (153 mm.)

    Inlet in shallow water, Corpus Christi, Texas (about 150 mm.)

Busycotypus plagosus Sinistral

    This sinistral Busycotypus plagosus may be unique. The approximately three-inch (75 mm.) sinistral shell was collected crabbed at Port O'Connor, Calhoun Co., TX in August, 1976 by Mrs. C. W. (Howard) Hanks of Houston, TX. She was gathering shells to fill a glass lamp-base and discovered that it was oppositely-coiled as she was putting the shell into the lamp! The shell is now housed in Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Busycotypus plagosus (Conrad, 1862) Sinistral

Original image by Jerry Clampit of the Houston Conchological Society

Reference: Boone, C. E., 1976. Search and seizure. Texas Conchologist 13(2): 45-47. Dec.

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