Pyrgocythara albovittata (C. B. Adams, 1845)

There is a group of variously-banded Pyrgocythara species in SE Florida and the Caribbean-West Indies which includes this morph.  C. B. Adams named some of the group, and his Pleurotoma albovittata (1845) is a less wave-worn match for the specimen illustrated below.

Dead in beach drift, Dania, Florida (5.5 mm.) - Original images by David Kirsh

Holotype of Pleurotoma albovittata C. B. Adams, 1845; MCZ 177360; 6.2 mm according to the scale in caption.  From pl. 30 fig. 3 in Clench, W. J. and R. D. Turner, 1950.  The western Atlantic marine mollusks described by C. B. Adams. Occ. Pap. Moll. 1(15): 233-403 incl. pls. 29-49. June 26.