Spondylus tenuis Schreibers, 1793 Digitate Thorny Oyster

Spondylus tenuis Schreibers, 1793 Digitate Thorny Oyster

South Florida - [Ragged Keys, Molasses Reef] (40-68 mm.)

Spondylus tenuis Schreibers, 1793 and S. ictericus Reeve, 1856

By Harry G. Lee

Spondylus tenuis Schreibers, 1793 and S. ictericus Reeve, 1856

    There is a reasoned discussion of the synonymy of the variable Spondylus tenuis Schreibers (1793: 163-164: <http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/81334#page/183/mode/1up>) in Huber (2010: 215, 628). Since there is no extant type specimen, the latter author proposed the name be based on the figure cited by Schreibers (Chemnitz, 1786: pl. 115, fig. 987; Fig. 1 herein; edited only to remove adjacent figures and captions)

    Apparently, Sherborn (1902: 8) was the first to recognize Schreibers' Versuch, which he consistently treated as an available work, recognizing numerous taxa in Spondylus. Cox (1929: 254), after analyzing all Schreibers' Spondylus, concluded they were varietal names only, as "that acceptance of Schreibers' names would bring about a revolution in the whole specific nomenclature of the genus" (M. Huber, personal communication 29 March, 2012). Contrary to Cox's opinion, Lamy (1938) accepted the work and the spondylid names as available but attributed all of Schreibers' Spondylus names to the earlier (but now officially unavailable) nomina provided by Chemnitz or Schröter (Huber, idem). Lamprell (1986, 1987, 1989, 2006) seems to have been the first to actually put Schreibers' Spondylus nomina into popular circulation, and he treated S. tenuis as a possible senior synonym of S. ictericus Reeve, 1856 (pl. 11, fig. 40), which type figure is Fig. 2 herein. He maintained that "most authors now consider that these names were introduced validly" (Lamprell, 2006: 10). Certainly that was a bit of a stretch (R.E. Petit, personal communication, 6 December, 2008), but since Huber (2010: 70) found the Versuch to be "clearly binominal," and considering the strength of the his overall presentation, I am inclined to follow him on the thorny (oyster) synonymy.

Acknowledgment: I thank Markus Huber (Zürich, Switzerland) for enlightening discussions of Schreibers' work.

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